Why it’s important for DBA’s and Developers to work as One

On many occasions, I see the usual break in communications between the Development Team and the DBA Team. Where “DBA” ends up standing for “Don’t Bother Asking”, and at the same time, the development team doesn’t perform the due-dillegence necessary to build a properly tuned application which will reside and function within an Oracle Eco-System.

Now an Eco-System? Really? Yes, and we’ll get to that later.

So what practices should be adopted between keeping communications between both team as efficient and accurate as possible? Well, as Tom Kyte so adequately put it, “I don’t believe in the DBA/Developer Wall, Tear Down that Wall”. How right he was..

An SME DBA’s job is not of just function, it’s to be integrated with your environments.. your Eco-Systems, as humanly possible. You have to listen to your Eco-System’s Breath, your applications are alive within it. The Middle-Tier is constantly communicating with it. Treat it as such, and show this amount of respect to your environments and, above all, to your teams. The developers will help your Eco-System grow in an effortless concert of transactional vectors.

As Oracle starts to incorporate Cloud Computing Initiatives into the backbone and neurons of the Oracle Platform via Exadata Logistics and beyond, it’s imperative that we as SME DBA’s do not, under any circumstance, build a wall between the DBA’s and the Developer’s. It will only influence poor structural and logical design practices among other things. We all see how Salesforce.com is approaching software as a service. But as SME’s, we are bound to provide much more than a service, we grow the Eco-system as a whole. We push the standards and protect the infrastructure. SME DBA’s and Developers prevent the line-of-business from under-performing at an architectural level and from an application level. Together we are the Core. Alone, we both Fail.


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One Response to Why it’s important for DBA’s and Developers to work as One

  1. Kirk says:

    Well said, sir. Amazing how much more gets accomplished when you work as partners rather than adversaries!

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